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How to Write an Analytical Essay?

An Analytical essay provides a substantive analysis of a topic. It can be about any topic from art, literary work, historical events, politics, and scientific research to philosophy. Apart from academic settings, they are also a part of journalism, magazines, etc. It can be a challenging task, especially if one is new to it. In […]


How to Write a Case Study: Decoding Case Study Writing for You

“Numbers and statistics may define the problem, but a case study gives it a face, a voice, and a resolution.” Indeed, there is probably no other piece of writing as insightful as case study writing. Writing a case study means carefully analyzing a certain topic, usually a real-life circumstance, event, person or organization, in order […]


How to Write an Appendix in 2023?

Writing academic papers, research reports or even certain business documents often necessitates including additional material that supplements the main text – commonly referred to as an appendix. It is a separate section that is present at the end of the paper and contains information that can be helpful for readers. Let’s examine its purpose, structure […]